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Value Adds


Market Intelligence

At Solomann, we keep abreast with the latest market trends within each industry and will be more than happy to share the current market landscape with clients.

Proactive Hires

As business partners to our clients, we constantly are on the lookout for talent on their behalf and proactively consult on candidates’ availability and interests to pursue opportunities.

Timing and career development aspirations will lead to some of the best hiring’s in the industry.  Consultants are in touch with the market and we will take the liberty of bringing to your attention highly sought after leaders that would be suitable for your organization.

Detailed Reports

Our assignments carry various summarized reports at different critical stages.  These provide an invaluable insight into the market and industry and may be distributed to various hiring authorities to keep you abreast with the current market situation.

Psychometric Assessment

Solomann offers clients various psychological profiling assessments to assist and ensure that candidates and existing staff are trained and improved to meet the needs and requirements of the position.  These are endorsed by various international firms and psychologists.  

These tools provide an insight into an individual’s suitability for various careers covering personal attitudes, interests, and motivation plus task and work environment references.  The assessment results can be as an objective basis for agreeing development plans and tracking their progress.