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"Solomann works closely with clients to offer tailor-made solutions for their distinctive needs"

Managing executive search assignments across an organization be it C-level or specialist positions is a responsibility we take very seriously. Our assignments are strictly based on quality and are neither on speed nor quantity. We believe in setting new standards for others to follow as we put our reputations on the line in meeting deliverables.

Here at Solomann we maintain a transparent and genuine collaborative approach to executive search that is based on a clear understanding of the business challenges that are faced by our clients in today’s competitive landscape.  We thrive to ensure that the “Best Fit” candidate be put forward that meets with your requirements and objectives.

Aside from executive search assignments, reference checks, and market mapping, we provide candidate assessment services as a value add to improve existing staff or to assess candidates prior to joining an organization.  This will further improve the clients operations by taking the necessary steps to identify weaknesses early and conducting the required evaluation and training.  



  • Consult with both clients and candidates on the competitive landscape
  • Deliver qualified, game-changing talents
  • Recruit executive that drives business success